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Our Members

Our membership is drawn from all stakeholder groups including:

  • Young people living in nursing homes or at risk of placement in residential aged care (YPINH)
  • Family members, carers and friends
  • Service providers in disability, health, housing and aged care
  • Disability, Health, Housing and Aged Care representatives
  • State and Federal Government representatives,
  • National and state based peak bodies
  • Advocacy groups

Young People In Nursing Homes

Approximately 6500 young Australians with disability presently occupy a not insignificant 5% of residential aged care beds because our existing disability service system cannot provide the supports and services they need.

Characterised by disabilities acquired largely as a result of catastrophic injury or through progressive neurological diseases, these young people require service responses not just from disability services, but from not multiple arms of the service system but multiple arms, including health, housing and sometimes aged care amongst others.

Arriving at the door of the disability system in crisis, these young Australians require immediate and often intense responses that the service system, in its current form, cannot deliver in a timely or effective manner.

Aged care providers indicate that the majority of younger residents in aged care are categorised as high dependency and enter residential aged care on discharge from hospital.

Having an able bodied life before the acquisition of a lifelong injury or illness means our members have different expectations concerning service responses to those living with a congenital disability.

They expect to access the rehabilitation needed to restore health and independence; and to live in the community as other able bodied young people do.