We work with young people with complex disabilities.  They have complex support needs.  These needs bridge the aged care, disability, health, housing and community services sectors.

We also work with families, carers and other stakeholders.

Many of the young people with disability we work with are living in residential aged care (RAC) facilities.  Or they are at risk of entering a RAC facility.

We are firmly committed to ensuring these young people have:

  • a voice about where they want to live and how they want to be supported
  • the capacity to participate in efforts to achieve this, and
  • ‘a place at the table’ – so they can be directly involved in developing “lives worth living” in the community.

Collaboration and partnership

Young people with disability have told us they want us to encourage partnerships and to collaborate with all stakeholders including:

  • Federal, state and local governments
  • Aged care, disability, health, housing and community service peak groups
  • Service providers
  • Peak bodies
  • Advocacy groups


On behalf of young people with disability we undertake high-level policy thinking and work with governments on systemic changes needed to achieve a resolution. We also support policy initiatives that promote the dignity, well-being and independence of our members, and their active participation in the community.

Information and support

As a health promotion charity, we provide information, navigation and referral regarding:

  • Accommodation options
  • Support services
  • Assistive technology – aids, equipment and technological services
  • Opportunities for young people and families to participate in new service developments in all states and territories.