Get involved

How you can get involved 

Disability will affect most Australians at some point in their lifetime, and every Australian can help to improve the lives of people living with a disability.

You can support young people with complex needs and the work of Alliance in a variety of ways including:

  • contacting your local member of parliament (MP)
  • writing to a Minister in your state or the Commonwealth
  • making a submission to one of the many inquiries or consultative forums currently underway – including DSS Engage.
  • providing a donation

How to contact your local MP

One of the most effective ways of making your voice heard is speaking directly to the decision makers.

Politicians need to be aware of the issues facing their community.

We encourage all you to take action. To voice your concerns:

  • Members of Parliament
    • find your local MP (see the links below) and call their electoral office
    • give your views on issues for people with disability (see our News section for current issues that the Alliance is lobbying on and our position).¬† Ask what the MP and their party is doing to address these issues
    • follow up the phone call with an email or letter outlining your concerns and indicating whether you are satisfied with the response you were given over the phone
  • Ministers and Shadow Ministers
    • find the Minister/Assistant Minister or Shadow Minister/Assistant Minister (see the links below)
    • go to their Australian Parliament House website and send an email setting out your views on issues for people with disability (see our News section).¬† Ask the Minister/Shadow what they are doing to address these issues
  • Let us know how it went and what response you received.


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