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Royal Commission into Aged Care recognises YPINH issue

MEDIA RELEASE: Sunday, 17 September 2018

Royal Commission into Aged Care recognises YPINH issue

The federal Government’s announcement today of a Royal Commission into Aged Care has been warmly welcomed by the Young People In Nursing Homes National Alliance.

‘The Young People In Nursing Homes issue has been an enduring problem for over 40 years’, said Alliance National Director, Dr Bronwyn Morkham.

‘Despite the Younger People In Residential Aged Care initiative in 2006-11, and the advent of the NDIS in 2013, younger Australians continue to enter nursing homes in the absence of other alternatives.

‘Until these alternatives are developed, residential aged care will remain an important part of the housing and support equation for younger people with complex disability.

‘By giving these young people an unprecedented opportunity to tell their stories, the Royal Commission will enable a detailed analysis of the causes and the solutions to the YPINH issue, said Dr Morkham.

‘It offers a unique opportunity to examine how we can prevent younger people entering residential aged care and find options for those who want to move out.

‘Most importantly, it will help define how we can comprehensively support people while they remain in aged care.

‘We congratulate the government on taking this step and making the issue of younger people with disability living in nursing homes one of the Commission’s terms of reference.

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