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Continuous Care Pilots (CCPs)

2009 - The Continuous Care Pilot was achieved through a collaborative partnership between Calvary Health Care Bethlehem and MS Australia and was designed to re‐route the pathway into aged care for young people with progressive conditions through the implementation of a comprehensive set of interventions. It was funded through the ‘My Future My Choice’ Initiative and undertaken by MS Australia (ACT/ NSW/Vic) in partnership with Calvary Health Care Bethlehem.

The Alliance was a key contributor to the Continuous Care Pilots (CCPs) delivered by MS Australia within the Young People in Residential Aged Care (YPIRAC) initiative to prevent younger people with progressive neurological conditions from premature admission to residential aged care. These pilots were delivered in NSW and Victoria and provided joined up specialist and generalist clinical services with funded disability services in community settings.”

In Victoria a tertiary neurological hospital (Calvary Healthcare Bethlehem) was the health service provider, while in NSW a metropolitan Area Health Service (South West Sydney) partnered with disability services. In both pilots, the linking of clinical and social supports was highly successful and achieved a 100% success rate in managing the many risks faced by participants. A key success factor in the CCPs was the linking of existing health service offerings with existing disability services through specialised care coordination.

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