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Cross sector service coordination for people with high and complex needs: Harnessing existing evidence and knowledge

A new report by the Young People In Nursing Homes National Alliance and Sydney University's Centre for Disability Research and Policy, shows that improved collaboration across governments and services is essential to successfully deliver the National Disability Insurance Scheme for people with complex health and disability needs.

Alliance head, Dr Bronwyn Morkham, said many young Australians with a disability require services from several areas of the human services system at the same time but rarely get them as the systems don’t work together.

“As our report indicates, cross sector collaboration will not only deliver the integrated services young Australians with disability need, but will help the NDIS deliver on its social and economic objectives.”

The report explores best-practice examples of coordination currently occurring in the disability sector and recommends the NDIS roll-out incorporates and trials potential models.

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