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Joint Solutions Leaders Summits

Leaders Reform Summits progressing collaboration and service pathways & interfaces across disability, health and aged care services for an NDIS

In the wake of the 5-year COAG Young People in Residential Aged Care Program and moves toward an NDIS, the Standing Council on Community, Housing and Disability Services (SCCHDS) agreed the key priority in continuing to address the Young People In Nursing Homes issue is developing closer programmatic links between health, disability and aged care portfolios.

The Young People In Nursing Homes National Alliance submitted a report (YPIRAC2: The Next Steps) to the SCCHDS in 2011 and its recommendations were unanimously endorsed at the Councilís October meeting. These recommendations centred on bolstering key State and Territory programs such as rehabilitation and equipment; and creating pathways of care and support by joining up service responses for the YPINH target group.

As well as agreeing to continue to meet the YPIRAC program's three objectives at their Sydney meeting, ministers also agreed to "...develop†action plans to identify specific activities that jurisdictions will undertake with a focus on achieving better connections with mainstream services for younger people with disability in or at risk of entering residential aged care.††Ministers agreed these action plans would be developed by December 31 2011."

Across jurisdictions progress on this work has been slow, mostly because of the concentration on the NDIS. Yet the imperatives to undertake this work are more urgent than ever and have direct relevance to the success of the NDIS.

The YPINH Alliance is convening invitation only leaderís summits in each jurisdiction to assist in progressing greater interaction between mainstream services, but particularly health, aged care and disability.

Senior officials from each of these three service areas will be brought together to discuss the capacity each may have to collaborate on delivery of a better integrated service response for individuals with complex clinical and other support needs.

The Joint Solutions Summits aim to

  • Initiate discussion between senior officials from disability, health and aged care around improved collaboration and contribution of expertise, resources and services input to the development of cross sector pathways for individuals with complex health and other support needs
  • Identify the key risks to individual program areas that accrue from services to the YPINH group and other Australians with disability being poorly coordinated
  • Progress opportunities these respective service areas may have to develop cross sector pathways and better integrated service responses for the YPINH cohort.

Parliament House venues
The Summits are held in each state and territoryís respective Parliament House to underscore the importance of the issue; and to highlight state and federal government interest in developing solutions as part of moves to an NDIS.

State Summit Reports

Following each Summitís conclusion, a report outlining the key points participants have contributed as well as recommendations for further action will be available. †The economic study referred to at the Summits will be available at the completion of the series.

pdfWA Joint Solutions Roundtable Report260.77 KB

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Initiatives referred to during the Summits are available via YPINH Reports.†

Continuous Care Pilots (CCPs)

YPIRAC2: The Next Steps report to FaHCSIA


pdfMedia Release: Senate Aged Care Inquiry 2014166.86 KB

NSW Summit media release

Radio National's Fran Kelly talks to YPINH Alliance National Director Dr Bronwyn Morkham on the imperative of ALL sectors working together to support people with high needs.

Young disabled in nursing homes: summit (The Australian 24 October 2012)