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South Australian Joint Solutions Cross Sector Collaboration Roundtable

Sep 2014 - The YPINH Alliance convened a special Joint Solutions Forum in the Balcony Room, Parliament House, Adelaide.

The arrival of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the ongoing imperative to progress the National Disability Strategy (NDS), have highlighted the pressing need for mainstream programs to participate in the reforms underway around services and supports for people with disability. While the issue of developing workable interfaces between specialist disability programs, mainstream programs and the NDIS has been discussed in many forums, little practical attention has been given to how this can be achieved and what outcomes are sought for governments, providers and people with disability.

The Joint Solutions Roundtables have been convened by the YPINH National Alliance in the jurisdictions to interrogate how these cross-­‐program connections can be developed. The Adelaide Roundtable focussed on the imperatives around the NDS and the NDIS in South Australia.

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